Writing Exercises

Ejercicios de escritura

Looking for a fun way to practice writing in Spanish? You’ll love the self-scoring translation exercises on my co-branded site, Progress with Lawless Spanish. These challenges are available exclusively to PwLS and Kwiziq subscribers.

Every week, we publish new writing exercises. You’re given one phrase to translate at a time:

Spanish writing exercise

Next, you’re provided with the correct answer and a scorecard. Rate your translation from 0 to 5, then move onto the next phrase.

Spanish corrections

At the end, your scores are totaled, and you’re provided with the list of grammar topics covered in the challenge so that you can brush up on anything that you had trouble with during the exercise.

Weekly challenges are included in Premium PwLS accounts but you can get a taste with these free samples:

Hundreds of writing challenges

A huge index of writing challenges is available for Premium PwLS subscribers, with new ones added every week. Here’s how to get those:

1. If you already have a Premium PwLS account, click "unsubscribe or modify your communications preferences" at the end of any PwLS email and put a check next to "system communications." Then keep an eye on your email every Friday for the Weekend Workout (which also includes dictation exercises).

2.  If you have a free PwLS account, upgrade to any of our Premium packages and opt into "system communications" as explained above.

3. If you don’t have a PwLS account, you’re in for a pleasant surprise, because writing challenges are just the tip of the iceberg. Progress with Lawless Spanish is a state-of-the-art program that can supercharge your Spanish learning at any level. You start by taking a comprehensive proficiency test and then the A.I. designs your personalized StudyPlan, updating it every time you take a kwiz so that you’re always improving and moving forward.

Need help?

What’s the difference between Lawless Spanish, Progress with Lawless Spanish, and Kwiziq?

  • Lawless Spanish is the site you’re on right now (www.lawlessspanish.com). This is the 100% free site on which I write lessons, create practice exercises, and share everything I know about Spanish.
  • Progress with Lawless Spanish (progress.lawlessspanish.com) is my co-branded site, which offers mini lessons and a personalized study plan. There’s a free version (limited to 10 kwizzes / month) and a paid, unlimited version with additional features.
  • Kwiziq is the company that powers PwLS.

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