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Zodiac - Spanish vocabulary

Los signos del zodiaco

Whether you are really into astrology, enjoy reading your horoscope for a bit of fun, or just want to be able to ask and answer that classic pick-up line,* this page on signs of the zodiac can help.

Los signos

Sign (meaning)   Signo
Aries (Ram)   Aries
Taurus (Bull)   Tauro
Gemini (Twins)   Géminis
Cancer (Crab)   Cáncer
Leo (Lion)   Leo
Virgo (Maiden)   Virgo
Libra (Scales)   Libra
Scorpio (Scorpion)   Escorpio
Sagittarius (Centaur)   Sagitario
Capricorn (Goat-horned)   Capricornio
Aquarius (Water-bearer)   Acuario
Pisces (Fish)   Piscis

Por ejemplo…

* What’s your sign?   ¿Qué signo eres?
I’m a(n) Aries, Gemini …   Soy Aries / Géminis …


to consult one’s horoscope   consultar su horóscopo
to read one’s horoscope   leer su horóscopo

The four elements – Los cuatro elementos

1. fire signs   los signos de fuego
2. air signs   los signos de aire
3. water signs   los signos de agua
4. earth signs   los signos de tierra

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