Weather in SpanishEl tiempo

Learn how to talk about the weather in Spanish.

¿Qué tiempo hace?   How's the weather? 
Hace   It's…
calor   hot
frío   cold
fresco   cool
buen tiempo   nice out
mal tiempo   bad weather
viento   windy
sol   sunny
neblina   foggy
nublado   cloudy
  __ grados     __ degrees
Está   It's…
  despejado     clear skies
lloviendo   raining
lloviendo a cántaros   pouring
nevando   snowing
  soleado     sunny
Hay…     There’s…  
  niebla     fog
  relámpagos     lightning
  tormenta     a storm
  truenos     thunder
llover     to rain  
nevar     to snow  

Note:  In Spanish, you use the verb hacer when talking about the weather. You cannot talk about the temperature or condition of the sky using the verbs ser or estar. You do, however, use estar with verbs like llover (to rain) and nevar (to snow), in the construction known as the present progressive.

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