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This site has dozens of Spanish vocabulary lessons with sound files.

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Does it mean "now" or doesn't it?

And + Or
The words "and" and "or" have a few different forms in Spanish.

Audio Dictionary
The Spanish audio dictionary contains more than 700 alphabetical entries, each with a Spanish word or expression, sound file, English translation, and link to additional information.

Airport vocabulary
Planning to fly to Spain or another Spanish-speaking country? Study this airport vocabulary to help you buy your ticket and get on the plane.

Essential vocabulary: yes, no, please, Do you speak English?, I have a problem, and more.

Body vocabulary
Learn the parts of the body in Spanish. (Rated G  :-)

Learn Spanish calendar words: days of the weeks, months of the year, and the four seasons.

Learn Spanish vocabulary related to chores.

Add some Spanish to your Christmas celebrations!

Includes general clothing vocabulary as well as accessories and jewelry, men's clothing, and women's clothing.

Lesson with sound files for all of the lovely Spanish colors.

How to tell the date in Spanish.

A free online Spanish dictionary that you can use right on this site.

Basic Spanish vocabulary related to asking for and understanding directions.

Lessons on Spanish expressions and proverbs.

Falsos Amigos - False Cognates
There are a lot of words that look similar in Spanish and English, but that mean very different things. Avoid misunderstandings by memorizing this list of common false cognates.

Familia - Family
Learn vocabulary related to the family (parents, grandparents, aunts + uncles, etc.)

Flash Card Software
Before You Know It
is a flash card program that can help you Learn Spanish vocabulary. Created by the educational software company Transparent Language, this program is available for both Windows and Mac, and the "Lite" version is freeware.

Everything about food, including meals, eating, dishes, and silverware.

Decorate your casa with this Spanish vocabulary related to furniture and appliances.

Gender Exceptions
In general, Spanish nouns that end in an O are masculine, and those that end in an A are feminine. The words on this page are exceptions to this rule.

Learn some common Spanish greetings. Lesson includes sound files.

Learn some essential Spanish vocabulary related to Halloween.

The Jewish festival of Hanukkah lasts for eight days sometime between late November and the end of each year.

Hobbies, Sports, Games
Here are the Spanish names of some common hobbies, sports, and games, along with the verbs needed to talk about them.

Holidays and Celebrations
Learn the Spanish names for important holidays and celebrations.

¡Mi casa es su casa! Learn Spanish vocabulary related to the home.

Learn how to introduce yourself and others.

Languages + Nationalities
Learn more two dozen Spanish names for languages and nationalities.

Love Language
How to say I love you in Spanish, plus additional vocabulary related to love and friendship.

Feeling happy, sad, nervous? Find out how to express what you feel in Spanish.

New Year's
New Year's Eve and New Year's Day are holidays in much of the world - here's the Spanish vocabulary you need to celebrate on December 31 and January 1st.

Números - Spanish Numbers
Learn to count in Spanish.

Learn office vocabulary like desk, email, computer, and more.

Learn how to describe your friends and family with this list of common personality traits.

Physical Descriptions
Spanish vocabulary used to describe someone physically - you can practice it by describing your friends and family.

On the Phone
The telephone has its own special vocabulary - here are some useful phrases to know when making or receiving phone calls in Spanish.

Ordinal Numbers and Fractions
Ordinal numbers are used to express rank or position, while fractions express a portion or part of a whole.

Possibly the most important vocabulary that exists: please, thank you, excuse me, etc.

Vocabulary for beginners: a list of some common professions in Spanish.

Quantities, Weights, and Measures
Learn how to talk about quantities so that you can go shopping and follow recipes in Spanish.

How to order + other essential vocab.

School - A la escuela
Learn Spanish vocabulary related to school, like desk, teacher, student, pen, etc.

Spanish in English
The Spanish language has contributed numerous terms to English. Spanish is a Latin language, so some of these terms come ultimately from Latin, while others are from various Native American or African languages.

Spelling Equivalents
Because Spanish and English both have a lot of Latin influence, there are a number of spelling tricks that can help you to recognize Spanish words (cognates) and spell Spanish words (common spelling equivalents).

Stores - Las Tiendas
Learn the Spanish names for all kinds of stores and shops.

Thanksgiving is not celebrated in Spanish-speaking countries, so here is some Spanish vocabulary related to the American holiday.

Learn how to tell time in Spanish.

Titles are important in Spanish, and they are used somewhat differently than their English counterparts.

Do you know the Spanish vocabulary related to washing, putting on make-up, and shaving? This lesson will teach you how to talk about toiletries in Spanish.

Learn how to talk about the weather in Spanish.

Word of the day
Learn a new word every day. This feature includes etymology, pronunciation guidelines, and a sample sentence.


Recommended Books

cover1001 Most Useful Spanish Words
Master the most essential Spanish vocabulary with this handy book.

Street Spanish
David Burke's "Street Spanish" is a great introduction to Spanish as it's actually spoken. It includes slang, idioms, and tips on how to sound less "foreign."

Harper Collins Spanish DictionaryHarper-Collins Spanish Dictionary
Includes more than 130,000 entries, lists both American and British English, and indicates whether terms are specific to certain regions of the Spanish-speaking world.


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