Shopping in Spanish
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Compras y recados

Once you learn the Spanish names for shops and businesses, you just need to know what to say when faced with all that merchandise!  Be sure to greet the store clerk, then take a look at these useful phrases related to shopping in Spanish. Click the links for verb conjugations.

Useful Spanish shopping verbs

buscar   to look for
comprar   to buy
devolver   to return (an item)
encontrar   to find
gastar   to spend
probarse   to try on
querer   to want
tener   to have
vender   to sell

Let’s go shopping!

For necessities
  hacer la compra   to go food shopping
  hacer unos recados   to run errands
For fun
  ir de compras   to go shopping
For free
  mirar escaparates
mirar vitrinas
  to window shop

What the clerk might say …

¿Le puedo ayudar?   May I help you?
¿Qué está buscando?   What are you looking for?
¿Cuál es su talla?   What’s your size?
¿Es un regalo?   Is it a gift?

What you might respond …

Estoy buscando   I’m looking for …
¿Tiene … ?   Do you have …?
¿Cuánto vale / es … ?   How much does … cost?
Es …
   demasiado grande
   demasiado pequeño
  It’s …
   too big
   too small
Sólo estoy mirando, gracias.   I’m just looking, thanks.

Miscellanous Spanish shopping terms

una bolsa   bag
un carro   shopping cart
una muestra   sample, tester
ventas   sales
caro   expensive
económico   inexpensive
barata   cheap

En la caja – At the register

pagar en efectivo   to pay cash
con una tarjeta with a credit card
con cheques de viaje with traveler’s checks
el cambio   change (back from what you paid)
el recibo   receipt

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Spanish shopping vocab

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