Parting Words

Greetings in SpanishPalabras de adiós

Every hello eventually leads to a good-bye. Here’s how to say good-bye at any time of day as well as mention when you’ll meet again.

adiós   good-bye
chao / chau (informal)   bye
  take care
que pases un buen día
que tengas un buen día
  have a good day
que te vaya bien   be well
suerte (informal)   good luck
ya me voy (informal)   I’m outta here
buenas noches   good night
hasta siempre (formal)   farewell, good-bye for the last time

Until we meet again…

hasta la próxima     until next time
hasta la vista     see you later
hasta luego     see you later
hasta el lunes, martes …   see you on Monday, Tuesday …
hasta mañana     see you tomorrow
hasta pronto     see you soon
nos vemos     see you
que te bañes (familiar)   smell ya later
te veo luego (informal)   see you later

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