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Spanish languageNúmeros ordinales y fracciones - Spanish Ordinal Numbers and Fractions

Ordinal numbers are used to express rank or position, while fractions express a portion or part of a whole.

Ordinal numbers   Fractions
first primero 1st  
second segundo 2nd   1/2 (half) una mitad
third tercero 3rd   1/3 un tercio
fourth cuarto 4th   1/4 un cuarto
fifth quinto 5th   1/5 un quinto
sixth sexto 6th   1/6 un sexto
seventh  séptimo 7th   1/7 un séptimo
eighth octavo 8th   1/8 un octavo
ninth noveno 9th   1/9 un noveno
tenth décimo 10th  10º   1/10 un décimo
  2/3 dos tercios
  3/4 tres cuartos


All ordinal numbers have feminine forms - just change the o to a: la segunda (), la séptima ()

Fractions may also be used with parte:

una tercia parte - a third
una octava parte - an eighth
tres décimas partes - three tenths

When primero and tercero precede a masculine noun, they change to the short adjectives primer and tercer

Beginning with fifth, Spanish ordinal numbers and fractions are the same word; only the article distinguishes them: the fifth = el quinto, a fifth = un quinto

The ordinal numbers up to tenth usually precede the noun. After tenth, however, ordinal numbers are commonly expressed with just the cardinal number after the noun:

el segundo piso - the second floor
el piso veinte - the twentieth floor

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