Ordinal Numbers

Spanish ordinal numbersNúmeros ordinales y fracciones

Ordinal numbers are used to express rank or position, while fractions express a portion or part of a whole.

Ordinal numbers
first   primero 1st
second   segundo 2nd
third   tercero 3rd
fourth   cuarto 4th
fifth   quinto 5th
sixth   sexto 6th
seventh    séptimo 7th
eighth   octavo 8th
ninth   noveno 9th
tenth   décimo 10th  10º
1/2 (half)   una mitad
1/3   un tercio
1/4   un cuarto
1/5   un quinto
1/6   un sexto
1/7   un séptimo
1/8   un octavo
1/9   un noveno
1/10   un décimo
2/3   dos tercios
3/4   tres cuartos


All ordinal numbers have feminine forms – just change the o to a: la segunda , la séptima

When primero and tercero precede a masculine noun, they change to the short-form adjectives primer and tercer.

The ordinal numbers up to tenth usually precede the noun. After tenth, however, ordinal numbers are commonly expressed with just the cardinal number after the noun:

el segundo piso   the second floor
el piso veinte   the twentieth floor

Beginning with "fifth," Spanish ordinal numbers and fractions are the same word; only the article distinguishes them: the fifth = el quinto, a fifth = un quinto

Fractions may also be used with the feminine noun parte:

una tercia parte   a third
una octava parte   an eighth
tres décimas partes   three tenths

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