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Spanish numbers Números - Spanish Numbers

Learn to count in Spanish in this lesson on Spanish numbers with sound files.

1 uno, una    21 veintiuno/veintiuna
2 dos 22  veintidós
3 tres 23 veintitrés
4 cuatro 24 veinticuatro
5 cinco 25 veinticinco
6 seis 26 veintiséis
7 siete 27 veintisiete
8 ocho 28 veintiocho
9 nueve 29 veintinueve
10 diez 30 treinta
11 once 31 treinta y uno/una
12 doce 32 treinta y dos
13 trece 40 cuarenta
14 catorce 41 cuarenta y uno/una
15 quince 42 cuarenta y dos
16 dieciséis 50 cincuenta
17 diecisiete 60 sesenta
18 dieciocho 70 setenta
19 diecinueve 80 ochenta
20  veinte 90 noventa

Notes on Spanish numbers

Uno changes to un when used in front of a masculine noun: un hombre, veintiún hombres.

Una is used to refer to a feminine noun: una mujer, treinta y una mujeres.

Uno is used only when counting (uno, dos, tres) or when it refers to a masculine noun but does not precede that noun: ¿Cuántos libros tienes? - Uno.

Spanish numbers 21-29 are usually a single word composed as follows:

  • take veinte
  • drop the final e
  • add i (meaning "and")
  • add the digit

21-29 can also be written as three words, just as the 30's through 90's are:

  • take veinte, treinta, cuarenta, etc.
  • add y (and)
  • add the digit

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