Nationalities in SpanishNacionalidades

Every country and continent has an adjective that can be used to describe people and things from that place. Those same adjectives can also be used as nouns to refer to people from that place.

Noun/Adjective   Nationality
African   africano
American (North + South)   americano*
American from USA   estadounidense
Argentine   argentino
Asian   asiático
Australian   australiano
Brazilian   brasileño
Canadian   canadiense
Chinese   chino
Colombian   colombiano
Egyptian   egipcio
English   inglés
European   europeo
French   francés
German   alemán
Indian   indio
Italian   italiano
Japanese   japonés
Mexican   mejicano
Polish   polaco
Portuguese   portugués
Russian   ruso
Spanish   español
Swiss   suizo


Many nationalities are identical to their respective languages.

Nationalities, which are both adjectives and proper nouns, are not capitalized in Spanish. When feminine and/or plural, they follow the same agreement rules as other adjectives.

* This refers to anyone from either North or South America; to talk about someone from the United States, use estadounidense.

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