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Spanish love language
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Lenguaje del amor

Spanish is a Romance language, which means it must be romantic, right? Here's the most romantic Spanish vocabulary of all. 🙂

I love you   Te amo Learn more: Te amo
Will you marry me?   ¿Quieres casarte conmigo?
Loving people
boyfriend   el novio
girlfriend   el novia
fiancé   el novio
la novia
friend   el amigo
la amiga
husband   el marido,
el esposo
lover   un amante
una amante
wife   la mujer,
la esposa
dear, sweetheart     querido, querida
(mi) amor
Loving occasions
engagement   el compromiso
honeymoon   la luna de miel
marriage   el matrimonio
Valentine’s Day   el día de San Valentín
wedding   la boda, las bodas
wedding anniversary   el aniversario de bodas
Loving verbs   (click for conjugations)
to love   amar
to date   citar
salir con
to get engaged   comprometerse
to be engaged   estar comprometido
to get married   casarse
kiss   un beso
hug   un abrazo

 Note: Novio and novia can be used for boy/girlfriend as well as for fiancé, so you need to pay attention to the context in order to know which one the speaker means.

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Te amo - Spanish love language

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