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Spanish language Languages + Nationalities in Spanish ~ Idiomas y nacionalidades

As much as I would like to list every language and nationality in the world, it's simply not possible. Without meaning any offense to anyone whose country/language is not listed, here are some you should definitely know. :-)

Country/Continent Nationality* Language**
Africa africano
America (North + South) americano***
Argentina argentino el español
Asia asiático
Australia australiano el inglés
Brazil brasileño el portugués
Canada canadiense el francés, el inglés
China chino el chino
Colombia colombiano el español
Egypt egipcio el árabe
England inglés el inglés
Europe europeo
France francés el francés
Germany alemán el alemán
India indio el hindi (plus many others)
Italy italiano el italiano
Japan japonés el japonés
Mexico mejicano el español
Poland polaco el polaco
Portugal portugués el portugués
Russia ruso el ruso
Spain español el español
Switzerland suizo el alemán, el francés, el italiano
United States estadounidense el inglés

* Nationalities, which are both adjectives and proper nouns, are not capitalized in Spanish. When feminine and/or plural, they follow the same agreement rules as other adjectives.

** This is just a guide. Obviously some languages have speakers in many countries, but here they are listed in the countries where they are primarily spoken. Note that the names of languages are masculine and not capitalized, and that, as in English, most are identical to the masculine adjective of their primary nationality (e.g., español = Spanish language and Spanish person).

*** This refers to anyone from either North or South America; to talk about someone from the United States, use estadounidense (learn more)

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