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Spanish language Traer - To Bring, To Wear - Spanish Expressions
Traer has many different meanings and is used in a number of common expressions.
traer to bring
to fetch
to carry
to take
to wear
to cause
to involve
traer a mal a uno to abuse, mistreat someone
traer + adj
Esto me trae inquieto.
Esto me trae loco.
to make, keep + adj
This makes me nervous.
It drives me crazy.
traer de cabeza a uno to upset, bother someone
traer frito a uno to get one down
traer y llevar a uno to gossip about someone
¡Trae! ¡Traiga! Give it here, hand it over!
traerse algo to be planning something (bad)
traerse algún manejo sucio to be up to something shady
traerse bien to dress well, to behave
traerse mal to dress poorly, to misbehave
Un problema que se las trae
to be annoying, difficult
A difficult problem
un traje suit
un traje de baño bathing suit

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