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Spanish language Tomar - To Take - Spanish Expressions
Tomar literally means "to take" and is also used in various idiomatic expressions.
tomar to take
  to drink
to eat
tomar a broma to take as a joke
tomar a la derecha/izquierda to turn right/left
tomar a risa to take as a joke
tomar algo a bien to take something well
tomar algo a mal to take something badly
tomar algo sobre sí to take something upon oneself
tomar aliento to catch one's breath
tomar el pecho to feed at the breast
tomar en cinta to tape record
tomar en serio to take seriously
tomar la delantera to get ahead of
tomar la palabra to take the floor
tomar partido por to side with
tomar por una calle to turn down a street
tomarla con uno to pick a fight with someone
tomarle el pelo to pull someones's leg
tomarse por to consider oneself to be
tomárselo con calma to take it easy
Es a tomar o a dejar. Take it or leave it
¿Por quién me tomas? What do you take me for?
¡Toma! Here! Catch!; Well! How about that!
¡Tómate ésa! Take that!
¡Toma ya! Believe it or not!
toma y daca give and take
Más vale un toma que dos te daré. A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.

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