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Spanish languageSer - To Be - Spanish Expressions
Ser is one of two Spanish verbs that mean "to be" (learn more), and is used in a number of common expressions.
ser to be
ser + past participle to be + past participle (passive voice)
ser de to be from (a city, country)
  to be made of
  to belong to
ser de buena pasta to be a good/nice person
ser de película to be sensational
ser de poca monta to be of little value
ser el colmo to be the limit
ser el ojo derecho de uno to be the apple of one's eye
ser en todo con alguien to be in complete agreement with someone
ser harina de otro costal to be a horse of a different color (literally, to be flour from a different bag)
ser la flor de la canela to be the very best
ser otro cantar to be a horse of a different color
ser pan comido to be as easy as pie
ser para chuparse los dedos to taste delicious
ser todo oídos to be all ears
ser todos ojos to be all eyes
ser un cero a la izquierda to be worthless, count for nothing
ser una flor de estufa to be very delicate (literally, to be a hothouse flower)
ser una lata to be annoying
ser un mirlo blanco to be an impossible dream (literally, to be a white blackbird)
ser una perla to be a jewel/treasure
ser uña y carne to be as close as can be
a no ser que unless
a no ser por if it weren't for
no ser cosa del otro jueves to be nothing out of the ordinary
Telling Time  
es la una it's one o'clock
son las dos, tres it's two o'clock, three o'clock
¡Ahi fue ella! You should have heard it (the fuss)!
Así era That's the way it was, that's what it was like
Así es That is so, that's the way it is
Así es la vida. Such is life.
Así es que + subject/verb That's why..., So...
Así sea So be it
¿Cómo es que...? How is it that...?
¡Cómo ha de ser! What do you expect!
Érase que se era (una vez) Once upon a time
Esa manera de hablar no es de una dama. That's no way for a lady to talk.
Es que no pude. But I couldn't.
Es que no quiero. But I don't want to.
Hizo como quien es. He did what could be expected.
¿No es así? Isn't it?
¡No es nada lo del ojo! There's a lot more to it than that!
no sea que in case, for fear that
no vaya a ser que... unless
o sea or rather, in other words
¡O somos o no somos! (inf) Make up your mind! Let's get on with it!
¿Qué ha sido de él? What has become of him?
¿Qué será de mí? What will become of me?
Qué será será What will be, will be
¡Sea! Agreed!
sea... sea either... or
Sea lo que sea Be that as it may
¿Será posible? Is it possible?
el ser being, life, essence
el ser humano human being
el ser imaginario imaginary being
el ser vivo living creature, organism
en lo más íntimo de su ser in one's inmost being, deep within oneself

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