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Spanish language Salir - To Leave or To Go Out - Spanish Expressions
Salir has many different meanings and is used in a number of common expressions.
salir to leave
to go out
to come out (water)
to emerge
to appear
to get out (of a car)
to escape
to hatch
salir a to come out to (price)
salir a to take after, resemble
salir adelante to do well, make progress
salir a los gastos de uno to pay someone's expenses
salir bien en to succeed, to pass (test)
salir con to go out with, date
salir con la suya (informal) to get one's way
salir con todo el trabajo to keep up with all the work
salir con una pretensión to succeed in a claim
salir con un propósito to carry out a plan
salir de to leave
salir de to come from (e.g., salt comes from seawater)
salir del coma to come out of a coma
salir del enojo to get over one's anger
salir de un apuro to get out of a jam
salir de un puesto to give up one's job/post
salir ganando to gain, be the winner
salir mal en to fail
salir para to leave for
salir perdiendo to lose
salir por la tele (informal) to appear on TV
salir por uno to stick up for someone
salir por uno to back someone (financially)
salirse to escape
to get out
to leak
to overflow
salirse de un compromiso to get out of an obligation
salirse de costumbre to break custom
salirse de los límites to go beyond the limits
salirse de lo normal to go beyond what is normal
al salir de upon/when leaving
Salga lo que salga Come what may, whatever happens
Si sale cierto If it proves to be true
¡Ya salió aquello! So that's what happened!

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