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Spanish language Poner - To Put - Spanish Expressions
Poner has many different meanings and is used in a number of common expressions.
poner to put
to put on (clothes)
to add
to assign (homework)
to cause (an emotion)
to contribute/invest
to equip (a house)
to lay (eggs)
to lay/set (the table)
to make/turn + adjective
to name
to open/set up (a business)
to perform/put on/show
to send (a card, letter)
to turn on (the radio, TV)
poner a uno a + infinitive to start someone + gerund
poner a uno de cochino to call someone a swine
poner algo aparte to put something to the side/set something aside
poner algo como ejemplo to give something as an example
poner algo en duda to cast doubt on something
poner algo en español, francés... to translate something into Spanish, French...
poner las cartas sobre la mesa to put one's cards on the table
poner énfasis en to stress
poner una objeción to object
poner pleito to sue, take to court
poner los puntos sobre las íes to dot the i's and cross the t's
poner el reloj to set the watch
ponerse to put/place oneself
ponerse + adj to get, turn, become + adj
ponerse un traje/suéter to put a suit/sweater on
ponerse a/en to reach, arrive at
ponerse a + infinitive to begin + gerund
ponerse a bien con uno to be on good terms with someone
ponerse al teléfono to get on the phone
ponerse con uno to argue with someone, to oppose/compete against someone
ponerse de ___ to take a job as ___
ponerse delante to get in the way, intervene
ponerse la carne de gallina to get goose bumps
ponérselos (informal) to be unfaithful

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