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Spanish languageEstar - To Be - Spanish Expressions
Estar is one of two Spanish verbs that mean "to be" (learn more), and is also used in a number of common expressions.
estar to be
to be at home / in
to be ready
estar + gerund to be doing something (present progressive)
estar + past participle
estar terminado
to be
to be finished
estar a to sell for, to cost
estar a + fecha to be + date
estar a lo que resulte to stand by the result
estar a sus anchas to be comfortable
estar calado hasta los huesos to be soaking wet
estar claro to be clear
estar como el pez en el agua to be right at home
estar con el alma en un hilo / en vilo to be in suspense
estar con la gripe to have the flu
estar con una enfermedad to suffer from an illness/disease
estar de + profession to be working as a
estar de jefe to be the acting head
estar de más to be in excess
estar de pie to be standing
estar de sobra to be in excess
estar de uniforme to be in uniform
estar de vacaciones to be on vacation
estar de viaje to be traveling
estar despejado to be clear
estar en to be the cause of
estar en algo to be involved in something
estar en condiciones to be in good shape
estar en la luna to have one's head in the clouds
estar en las nubes to be daydreaming
estar en que to believe / be sure that
estar enfermo to be sick
estar fuera to be out/away
estar fuera de sí to be beside oneself (with joy, anger...)
estar hecho polvo to et worn out
estar hecho una fiera to get extremely angry
estar hecho una sopa to get soaked
estar jamado hasta los huesos to be soaking wet
estar listo to be ready
estar loco de atar/remate to be completely crazy
estar más viejo to look older
estar nublado to be cloudy
estar para + infinitive to be about to, be on the verge of
estar para + noun to be in the mood for
estar por to back, be in favor of
estar por + infinitive to be inclined to, have half a mind to
estar que rabia to be furious
estar sin blanca to be flat broke
estar sin vender to be unsold
estar vacio to be empty
no estar en sí to not be in one's right mind
¿Cómo está(s)? How are you?
¿Cómo estamos? How do we stand? What's the score?
El problema está en que... The problem lies in the fact that...
En eso está That is / must be the reason.
En ello estamos We're doing all we can.
Está por llover. (LatAm) It's about to rain.
Está todavía por hacer. It still needs to be done.
¿Está Ud.? Understand?
¿Estamos? Agreed?
Estoy así de nervioso I'm so nervous
No está en el hacerlo. It's not in his power to do it.
Para eso estamos That's why we're here; It's the least we can do
Ya estoy I'm ready
¡Ya estamos! That's it! That's enough!
estarse to stay, remain
estarse + gerund to be gradually/slowly doing something

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