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Spanish language Echar - Spanish Expressions
Echar has numerous meanings and is also used in various idiomatic expressions.
echar to throw
  to put in/on
to cast
  to fling
  to pitch
  to toss
  to add
  to emit
  to serve
  to give off/out
  to eject, throw out
  to fire (an employee)
  to sprout
  to move, push
echar a to start/begin to
echar a faltar (Mexico) to miss
echar a perder to ruin, spoil
echar a uno a un lado to push someone aside
echar abajo to pull down, demolish; to overthrow
echar algo de sí to get rid of something
echar atrás a la multitude to push the crowd back
echar chispas to be/become angry
echar de menos to miss
echar el cuerpo atrás to lean backward
echar flores to flatter, sweet-talk
echar la bronca a uno to give someone a dressing down
echar la cuenta to make up, balance
echar la culpa to blame
echar la llave to turn the key
echar los frenos to brake
echar maldiciones to mutter curses
echar pelo to grow hair
echar por una calle to go down a street
echar por una dirección to go/turn in a direction
echar sangre to shed blood
echar una carta to mail a letter
echar un discurso to give/deliver a speech
echar una reprimenda to reprimand
echarla de to pose as, claim to be
¡Echa para adelante! Lead the way!
Echemos por aquí Let's go this way
Es un olor que echa para atrás (inf) It's a smell that knocks you back.
¿Qué echan? What's showing/playing?
¡Que le echen fuera! Throw him out!
echarse to lie down
echarse a to start to
echarse encima algo (Mexico) to take responsibility for s.t.
echarse encima a uno (Mexico) to alienate someone
echarse sobre uno to rush at/fall on someone
echarse un trago to have a drink
echárselas de to consider oneself as, boast about being

Echar is a regular -AR verb

Echar conjugations

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