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Spanish language Dormir - To Sleep - Spanish Expressions
Dormir means "to sleep" and is used in some Spanish expressions.
dormir to sleep
  to lie idle
  to stay/spend the night
dormir al raso to sleep out in the open
dormir a pierna suelta to sleep like a log
dormir como un bendito to sleep like a baby
dormir como un lirón to sleep like a log
dormir como un santo to sleep like a baby
dormir como un tronco to sleep like a log
dormir con alguién to sleep with someone
dormir de un tirón to sleep through
dormir el sueno de justos to sleep the sleep of the just
dormir en casa to sleep at home
dormirla (informal) to sleep it off
dormir la mona (informal) to sleep off a hangover
dormir la siesta to take a nap
ir a dormir temprano to go to bed early
un saco de dormir sleeping bag
ser de poco dormir to not need much sleep
¡Todos a dormir! Off to bed, everyone!
dormirse to fall asleep
  to go to sleep
  to oversleep
dormirse el/la ___ a alguién to have one's ___ fall asleep
dormirse en/sobre los laureles to rest on one's laurels

Dormir is a stem-changing verb

Dormir conjugations

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