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Spanish language Dejar - To Leave - Spanish Expressions
Dejar literally means "to leave" or "to allow" and is used in a number of common expressions.
dejar to leave
  to abandon, desert, forsake
  to forget, leave out
  to give up
  to lend
  to let, allow, permit
  to yield, produce
dejar aparte to leave aside
dejar atrás to leave behind, outdistance, surpass
dejar a uno + infinitive to let someone do something
dejar a uno de la mano to abandon someone
dejar a uno entrar to let someone in
dejar a uno pasar to let someone in/through/pass
dejar a uno muy atrás to leave someone far behind
dejar a uno salir to let someone out
dejar algo para después to leave something until later
dejar algo para mañana to leave/postpone something until tomorrow
dejar algo por imposible to give something up as impossible
dejar algo por muy difícil to give something up as too hard
dejar así las cosas to leave things as they are
dejar caer to drop
dejar de existir to come to an end
dejar de + infinitive to stop / give up doing
  to fail/neglect to
dejar mucho que desear to leave a lot to be desired
dejar plantado to stand up
dejar que las cosa vayan de mal en peor to let things go from bad to worse
no dejar piedra por (sin) mover to leave no stone unturned
no puedo dejar de + infinitive I can't help being/doing/thinking...
Así que lo dejamos So we gave it up
como dejo dicho as I have said
¡Deja eso! Stop that! Drop that!
dejémoslo así let's leave it at that
Eso no deja de tener gracia It's not without its funny side
¿Me dejas 5 dólares? Can you lend me 5 dollars?
¿Me dejas el auto? Will you let me borrow the car?
No deja de ser algo raro All it's same it's rather strange
Quiero pero no me dejan. I want to but they won't let me.
dejarse to neglect oneself, let oneself go
dejarse de + infinitive to let oneself be + past participle
  to stop + gerund
dejarse caer to let oneself go/fall
dejarse decir que to let slip that
dejarse persuadir to let oneself be persuaded
dejarse vencer to give in, allow oneself to be defeated
¡Déjate de eso! Stop it! Cut it out!
¡Déjate de bromas! Stop joking around!
No se dejó engañar He was not to be deceived.
la dejación (law) abandonment, relinquishment
la dejada (tennis) let
la dejadez untidiness, abandon, carelessness
dejado (adj) untidy, abandoned, careless
el dejo aftertaste, tang
touch, tinge, hint
trace of an accent

Dejar is a regular -AR verb

Dejar conjugations

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