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Spanish language Dar - Spanish Expressions
Dar literally means "to give" and is also used in various idiomatic expressions.
dar to give
  to hand
to pass
  to deliver
dar a to face, be facing, look out on
dar a conocer to introduce, present
dar a entender que to imply that
dar a la bomba to pump
dar a luz un niño to give birth
dar a uno de puñetazos to punch someone
dar algo/a alguien por perdido to give something/someone up for lost
dar asco to disgust
dar calabazas to jilt, to flunk
dar carta blanca a uno to give someone carte blanche / free rein
dar caza a to hunt (down)
dar como to consider, regard, assume
dar con to meet, run into
to hit on (a solution)
dar con algo en el suelo to drop something, knock s.t. to the ground
dar consigo en to end up, land in
dar contra to hit, knock against, bang into
dar de barniz a to varnish
dar de cabeza to fall on one's head
dar de jalbegue a to whitewash
dar de narices to fall flat on one's face
dar de narices contra la puerta to walk into the door
dar cuerda a to wind
dar con to find, run into
dar de comer/beber to give food/drink to
dar de sí to have give, be able to stretch
to yield a lot, bear heavily
dar ejemplo to set an example
dar el golpe de gracia to finish someone off, give the coup de grâce
dar en to hit, strike
dar en ello to see the point
dar en + infinitive to get into the habit of + -ing
dar gritos to shout
dar guerra to make trouble
dar los buenos días a uno to say hello to someone
dar las gracias to thank
dar la hora to strike the hour
dar la lata to make a nuisance of oneself
dar permiso to grant permission
dar por to consider, regard, assume
dar por sentado to take for granted, consider settled
dar por + infinitive a uno to get it into one's head to, to decide to
dar positivo/negativo (test results) to be positive/negative
dar rienda suelta a to give free rein to
dar sobre to overlook, look out over
dar tras uno to pursue someone
dar un abrazo to hug, embrace
dar un paseo to take a walk, ride
dar una vuelta to take a walk, ride
dar vueltas a algo to think something over
darla de to brag about (being)
darle al vicio to be on drugs
darse to surrender, give in/up
darse a to take on, devote oneself to
darse a la bebida to take to drink
darse a conocer to make a name for oneself
darse a conocer a uno to make oneself known to someone
darse a creer que to start thinking that
darse cuenta de to realize
darse la mano to shake hands
darse por to consider oneself
darse por ofendido to take offense
darse por vencido to give up, acknowledge defeat
darse prisa to hurry
darse tono to put on airs
dársela (con queso) a uno (inf) to fool/trick someone
dárselas de to pose as, pretend to be
Ahí me las den todas I can cope with anything, That doesn't bother me.
A mí no me la das (inf) You can't fool me.
A quien dan no escoge. Beggars can't be choosers.
¡Dale! Hit him!, After him!, Come on!
¡Dale que dale! Get over it! Stop going on about it!
el cultivo se da bien the crop is coming up well
estar dale que dale a to be going over and over s.t., keep working on
lo mismo da it's all the same, it makes no difference
lo mismo me da, me da igual it's all the same to me
no se me da mal I'm not doing too badly
no se me da un bledo/higo/rábano de I couldn't care less about
Por si vienen mal dadas In case of emergency, for a rainy day
¡Qué más da! Never mind! It doesn't matter!
se la da a su marido (inf) she's cheating on her husband
si se da el caso if that happens
¡Y dale! There he goes again!

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