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Spanish language Comer - To Eat - Spanish Expressions
Comer literally means "to eat" and is used in many Spanish expressions.
comer to eat
  to corrode
  to devour
  to eat away at
  to fade
  to gain ground
  to make disappear
  to sting, cause pain
  to take over
  to wear down
comer como una vaca/fiera to eat like a horse
comer de algo to eat something, to live off something
comer el coco a alguien to brainwash someone
comer el tarro a alguien to put something over on someone, to brainwash someone
comer fuera to eat out
comer fuerte to have a big meal
dar de comer to feed
no comer ni dejar comer to be a dog in the manger
No tienen qué comer They don't have anything to eat
¿Qué hay para comer? What is there to eat?
sin comerlo ni beberlo without really knowing how, without having done anything to deserve it
tan necesario como el comer as necessary as eating
¡Come y calla! (informal) Shut up and eat your food!
Comes con/por los ojos Your eyes are bigger than your stomach
comerse a alguien a besos to smother someone in kisses
comerse a alguien con los ojos / la vista to devour someone with one's eyes
comerse a alguien por pies to take someone in completely
comerse el coco to worry
comerse el mundo to conquer the world
comerse el tarro to rack one's brains
comerse las palabras to swallow one's words
comerse las uñas to bite one's nails
Se lo comió todo He ate it all
¿Cómo se come eso? What on earth is that?
Está para comérsela (informal) She's gorgeous
el buen comer good food
ser de buen comer to enjoy one's food
ser muy parco en el comer to not eat much, to not be a big eater

Comer is a regular -ER verb

Comer conjugations

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