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Spanish language Caer - To Fall - Spanish Expressions
Caer has many different meanings and is used in a number of common expressions.
caer to fall
to fall down, out, off
to go down
to decline
to crash
to be located
to realize, understand
to be captured (city)
   to fade (color)


to be arrested
caer a to look over, toward
caer al suelo to fall to the ground
caer bien a uno to suit, look good on someone
caer como chinches, moscas to fall like flies
caer en cama to become ill
caer enfermo to become ill
caer en la cuenta de to catch on to, see the opint of
caer en la red to fall into a trap
caer en un error to fall into an error
caer hacia to look over, toward
caer mal a to disagree with
caer mal a uno to not suit, not look good on someone.
caer redondo to fall in a heap
caer sobre to fall/pounce on
caer un aguacero to rain heavily, to pour (down)
caer un rayo en + noun to be struck by lightning
caer una maldición to be a curse on, cursed
caer una tormenta to storm, to be stormy
caerse de + adj to be very + adjective
caerse de miedo to be terrified
al caer de la noche at nightfall
dejar caer to drop, let fall
dejarse caer to let oneself go, fall
estar al caer to be about to fall, happen, arrive
hacer caer to knock down, over, off
Eso (se) cae de suyo. That goes without saying.
Me cae(n) mal. I don't like him/her (them).
No caigo. I don't get it.
No me cae(n) bien. I don't like him/her (them).
Se cae de viejo He's so old he can hardly walk.
Ya caigo. I see, now I understand.

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