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Spanish language Buscar - To Look For - Spanish Expressions
Buscar literally means "to look for" and is used in many Spanish expressions.
buscar to look for
  to search for
  to see
  to try to find
buscar en la página ___ to look on page ___
buscar entre el público to look for in the crowd
buscar excusas to make excuses
buscar hacer algo to try to do something
buscar hacerlo lo mejor posible to try to do the right thing
buscarla to be looking for trouble / a fight
buscar la ruina a alguién to be the ruin of someone
buscar pelea to be looking for trouble / a fight
buscar su dinero to be after his/her money
buscar trabajo to look for work, to job-hunt
buscarle tres pies al gato to complicate matters, make things difficult; to split hairs, nitpick
ir a buscar algo / a alguién to go get/fetch something / someone
¡Busca! Fetch!
busca y encontrarás seek and ye shall find
chico busca chica boy seeks girl
el ___ más buscado the most wanted ___
¿Quién me busca? Who's asking for me?
buscarse to find oneself
  to get/find for oneself
buscarse la vida (informal) to try to make a living; to manage on one's own
buscársela (informal) to ask for it (trouble)
Búscate la vida Figure it out yourself
Él se lo/la buscó He asked for it, brought it on himself
No te busques más problemas Don't cause more problems for yourself
se busca piso apartment wanted

Buscar is a spelling-change verb

Buscar conjugations

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