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Spanish language Physical Descriptions ~ Spanish for Beginners

Spanish vocabulary used to describe someone physically - you can practice it by describing your friends and family.

Note that in the first section, the masculine singular form of the adjectives is listed (except for pretty, which is normally used to describe women), while in the second section, the adjectives are plural with eyes but singular with hair. For information on changing adjectives to agree with the word they are modifying, see my adjective lesson.

What's s/he like? ¿Cómo es?
¿Qué tal es?
S/He is... Él/Ella es...
tall alto
short bajo
fat gordo
thin delgado
handsome guapo
pretty bonita
ugly feo
tanned bronceado
S/He has... Él/Ella tiene...
blue eyes ojos azules
green verdes
hazel garzos
brown morenos
grey hair canas
dark pelo moreno
black negro
brown marrón
red rojo
blond rubio
straight liso
curly rizado
wavy ondulado
short corto
long largo
freckles pecas
dimples hoyuelos


Personality vocabulary

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