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Spanish languageColors - Los Colores

Colors, like other Spanish adjectives, must change in gender and number to agree with the nouns that they modify. However, there are a few exceptions:

  1. Violeta is invariable.
  2. Azul, verde, and gris have only singular and plural forms; they are the same for masculine and feminine.

You can listen to the pronunciation for each color by clicking on the underlined masculine singular color.

masc sing. 

fem sing.

masc plural 

fem plural

red rojo roja rojos rojas
purple violeta violeta violeta violeta
blue azul azul azules azules
green verde verde verdes verdes
yellow amarillo amarilla amarillos amarillas
orange anaranjado anaranjada anaranjados anaranjadas
black negro negra negros negras
white blanco blanca blancos blancas
grey gris gris grises grises
brown marrón marrón marrones marrones
pink rosado rosada rosados rosadas
light blue   azul claro azul clara azules claros azules claras
dark red rojo oscuro roja oscura rojos oscuros rojas oscuras


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