Spanish in Mexico
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Themed Spanish Resources

Every month, Progress with Lawless Spanish features a variety of practice resources related to a specific Spanish-speaking country. This time it’s Mexico!

 Free exercises are available to anyone with a Progress with Lawless Spanish account, while the premium features require a paid subscription.

Free exercises

Listening comprehension

El Día de Muertos (B1)
The Day of the Dead is actually two days: November 1-2.

Disfraz de Calavera Mexicana (B2)
Video instructions for a Day of the Dead Halloween mask

Las Posadas (C1)
Traditional Christmas parties that are celebrated from 16 to 24 December

México lindo y querido (C1)
One of the best-selling Latin music artists of all time

Noviembre sin ti (B1)
Love song by a Mexican band called Reik.

Fill-in-the-blanks tests

Premium features


Writing exercises

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Mexican culture