Spanish in Cuba
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Themed Spanish Resources

Progress with Lawless Spanish regularly features a variety of practice resources related to a specific Spanish-speaking country. This time it’s Cuba!

 Free exercises are available to anyone with a Progress with Lawless Spanish account, while the premium features require a paid subscription.

Free exercises

Listening comprehension

Guantanamera (B1)
This most famous of songs performed by 75 Cuban musicians around the world.

La vida es un carnaval (B1)
Fun and catchy song by Cuban singer Lucrecia.

Fill-in-the-blanks tests

  • Comiendo en Cuba – Test yourself on pronominal and non-pronominal verbs.
  • La Habana – Test yourself on hay / está while learning about the capital of Cuba.

Grammar lesson

Cuba is one of more than a dozen Latin American countries that use the subject pronoun vos instead of or in addition to .

Premium features


Writing exercises

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Cuban culture