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Spanish language Possessive De - Test

Test yourself on Spanish possession by translating the following phrases. If you need help, the lesson is here and the index of vocabulary lessons is here.

1. Ana's mother

2. the boy's apple

3. the kids' question

4. Costa Rica's weather

5. David's spoon

6. the date of the party

7. Luís and José's problem

8. the men's house

9. Maria's cheese

10. the women's check

Answers below


Recommended Book

coverEnglish Grammar for Students of Spanish
Many English-speaking students have difficulty mastering Spanish grammar because they've never understood their own. This book is the answer: simple but thorough explanations of English grammar and its Spanish equivalents. 



1. la madre de Ana

2. la manzana del chico

3. la pregunta de los niños

4. el tiempo de Costa Rica

5. la cuchara de David

6. la fecha (or el día) de la fiesta

7. el problema de Luís y José

8. la casa de los hombres

9. el queso de Maria

10. la cuenta de las mujeres

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