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Progress with Lawless Spanish keeps track of your Spanish knowledge and can thus recommend lessons you need to review or are ready to advance to, which makes it an excellent tool for independent study. But it’s also useful for traditional students, especially when teachers and tutors take advantage of a special feature that brings PwLS to a whole new level: Studygroups.

With a PwLS coordinator account, you can organize students into Studygroups, whether or not they’re actually in the same class. This will allow you to review their PwLS stats, improvement timeline, and brainmap, both individually and collectively. You can see exactly which questions any given student got wrong, as well as find out which mistakes are made by a majority of students. By following everyone’s progress on PwLS, you can determine individual and group strengths and weaknesses, which will help you plan lessons accordingly and assign genuinely useful homework. Best of all, it’s free!

So if you’re a teacher or tutor, Studygroups can help you teach more efficiently. And if you’re in a Spanish club or even just meet up with friends once in while to practice, you can create a group and use it as another way to help fellow members study and learn. Find out more and request your coordinator account at Studygroups.

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Spanish brainmap

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