Can I use lessons in my Spanish class?

You are welcome to print any page on Lawless Spanish for personal use and you may also make copies for your students, provided that you include the url. Click for more info.

FluentU – Spanish Videos

FluentU- Spanish videos
Spanish learners are always looking for new sources of Spanish listening practice, and FluentU is one of the best. This subscription site offers videos for all levels of Spanish, enhanced with quizzes, spaced repetition, and other tools to help you practice what you know and learn at your own pace.


Google Classroom + Lawless Spanish

Lawless SpanishI’m happy to announce that you can easily share any Lawless Spanish page to your Google Classroom. Just navigate to the page you want to share and click the rightmost icon in the sidebar – the sharing dialog will open and you can choose your classroom.


Online Teaching

Teaching Spanish onlineSpanish teachers can benefit from specialized tools to help them assign and grade homework, track students’ progress, assess classes, and more. Here are my favorite online learning sites that offer dedicated tools and spaces for teachers.


PwLS Super Study Lists

Progress with Lawless SpanishTake your Progress with Lawless Spanish account to the next level with these super study lists that bring together all the lessons on a particular grammar topic.


Spanish Class Phrases

Spanish class phrases
The best way to encourage students to speak Spanish in the classroom is to make sure that they know how to say all the things that they need to say. Once you teach them these useful words and phrases, your students should be able to avoid speaking English during any normal classroom interaction.