Imperfect Subjunctive Conjugations

SubjuntivoThe Spanish imperfect subjunctive has two complete sets of conjugations. Although you only need to memorize and use one or the other, you still need to be able to recognize both.


Introduction to Verb Conjugation

Spanish verb conjugationWhen you start learning Spanish, it’s not just Spanish vocabulary you have to get used to – you’re also introduced to a whole new world of grammatical terms. For many students, one of the most daunting of these is verb conjugations. Just what is a verb conjugation and what does it mean to conjugate a verb?


Mastering Verb Conjugations

Conjugating Spanish verbsThe mountain of Spanish verb conjugations you have to learn can be overwhelming – even just in the classroom where you have plenty of time to think about the correct response. Once you start talking to people in the real world, trying to figure out the appropriate verb conjugation can leave you speechless – literally. So what’s the solution? Learn, then practice, practice, practice!


Passive Voice Conjugations

Spanish passive voiceLike compound tenses and moods, the Spanish passive voice has two components: some conjugation of ser plus a past participle.



Past Perfect Conjugations

Spanish past perfectThe past perfect, aka pluperfect, is conjugated with the imperfect of the auxiliary verb haber plus a past participle.


Perfect Infinitive Conjugations

Spanish past infinitiveThe Spanish perfect infinitive is conjugated with the infinitive of the auxiliary verb plus a past participle. For example: haber comido – “having eaten.”


Present Perfect Conjugations

Spanish present perfectThe present perfect is a compound verb formed with the present tense of the auxiliary verb haber + the past participle of the main verb.