Subjunctive or Indicative?

The Subjunctivisor (work in progress) is an interactive tool that will advise you on whether to use the subjunctive or indicative with more than 100 Spanish verbs, expressions, and conjunctions.

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The Subjunctivisor

How to use The Subjunctivisor

  • Click the arrow to access the drop-down list, and scroll down to the Spanish verb, expression, or conjunction you need.
    Type a letter to jump down to the verbs / expressions / adjectives starting with that letter.
    Go directly to the full list of potential subjunctive phrases
  • Imagine what you think the correct response might be as you make your selection and wait for The Subjunctivisor to open the relevant page with the answer and at least one example.

For detailed info on Spanish subjunctive conjugations and usage, see my subjunctive lesson.

If you have suggestions for essential verbs or expressions I should add, please let me know by posting a comment. Happy subjunctivising!

Potential subjunctive phrases

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Spanish Subjunctivisor