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Spanish speaking practice

Práctica oral

One reason speaking Spanish can be tricky is that by its very nature it requires at least one other person. But not to worry, finding people to talk to is easier than you might think, no matter where you live.

Finding Spanish Speakers IRL

The Instituto Cervantes offers classes and cultural events all over the world. It’s primarily for non-native speakers, though the teachers are usually native Spanish speakers.

Meetup is great for finding like-minded people wherever you go. There are groups for every interest you can imagine: language exchanges, book clubs, movie nights, the sky is the limit. And if you can’t find one that suits your purposes, you can create your own!

Also check out Facebook for groups dedicated to bringing ex-pats together, with or without locals.

Finding Spanish Speakers Online

There are numerous sites dedicated to language exchanges, where you spend half your time speaking the language you’re learning and the other half speaking your native language. Some stick to online interactions while others offer the possibility of face-to-face meetings. Take a look at these sites to decide which one best fits your personality and preferences.

 If you want to get more serious, consider hiring a Spanish tutor for in-person or video lessons.

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Spanish speaking practice

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 Visit the Progress with Lawless Spanish Q+A forum to get help from native Spanish speakers and fellow learners.

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