Essential Spanish

Essential Spanish
Knowing just a few key words and phrases can be very helpful in your Spanish classes, while traveling in Spain and Latin America, and everywhere in between.


Improve Your Pronunciation

Spanish pronunciationOne of the most common questions from Spanish students is, “How can I perfect my Spanish accent?” Like many language learning questions, this one doesn’t have a simple answer.

Managing Speaking Anxiety

Spanish speaking anxietyFear of speaking, glossophobia, is one of the most common phobias – even just in one’s native language. If you feel nervous when speaking Spanish, it’s probably due to a lack of confidence in your skills. The obvious solution is to improve your Spanish, but there are also other ways to increase your confidence and feel more comfortable speaking Spanish.

Mastering Verb Conjugations

Conjugating Spanish verbsThe mountain of Spanish verb conjugations you have to learn can be overwhelming – even just in the classroom where you have plenty of time to think about the correct response. Once you start talking to people in the real world, trying to figure out the appropriate verb conjugation can leave you speechless – literally. So what’s the solution? Learn, then practice, practice, practice!


On the Phone

On the phone in Spanish
The telephone has its own special vocabulary – here are some useful phrases to know when making or receiving phone calls in Spanish.


Solo Speaking Practice

Spanish speakingNormally speaking is not a solo event, so you need at least one other person to practice with. But not always! If you really can’t find anyone to chat with, here are some ideas and tips for independent Spanish speaking practice.

Spanish Homestay

Pyramid in MexicoThere’s nothing like living in a Spanish-speaking country to really kick your learning into high gear. While taking group classes can be an excellent experience, a one-to-one homestay program, where you live and study with a native family, will really allow you to experience the local culture.

Speaking Practice

Spanish speaking practiceOne reason speaking Spanish can be tricky is that by its very nature it requires at least one other person. But not to worry, finding people to talk to is easier than you might think, no matter where you live.

Speaking Tips

Spanish speaking tipsOf the four language skills, many people find that speaking is the most difficult, for a couple of reasons. Here are some tips and resources to help you overcome these obstacles in order to practice Spanish as much as you like.