Spanish Homestay

Learn Spanish in Mexico

Study Abroad Program

There’s nothing like living in a Spanish-speaking country to really kick your learning into high gear. While taking group classes can be an excellent experience, a one-to-one homestay program, where you live and study with a native family, will really allow you to experience the local culture.

With the Language Abroad Homestay Immersion Program, you benefit from both professional tutoring as well as informal interactions with your native Spanish-speaking host family around the dinner table. In addition, you can of course speak Spanish around town, watch Spanish TV and movies, and really get to know a new country. It’s true immersion, for any level.

Doing homestay as an adult might sound unusual, but this program is aimed at anyone aged 16 to 75, so it obviously takes into account the different needs for all ages. The very detailed enrollment form asks not only about your language level and goals, but also things like dietary restrictions and whether you smoke, so that you’re placed in just the right home. There’s a significant discount for two people (e.g., spouses, parent/child, friends) following the same program.

This program is available in the following Spanish-speaking countries: Argentina, Costa Rica, Cuba, Ecuador, Guatemala, Mexico, Panama, and Spain. To find out more directly from the company that organizes these homestays, please fill out this information request form:

Please note that I do not have any personal experience with the Language Abroad Homestay Immersion Program – I’m passing it on "as is," so to speak.

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