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Progress with Lawless Spanish is an adaptive, test-driven Spanish learning system made possible through a partnership with Kwiziq. This A.I. technology is integrated into Lawless Spanish, so that you can read a grammar lessons and then take a micro kwiz to see how well you’ve understood it. But there’s a lot more to PwLS than that!

Once you’re logged into your account, the kwiz results page will provide links to mini-lessons related to any wrong answers, as well as a link back to the original lesson. Your results will be added to your dashboard, and KwizBot (the cute robot that represents the A.I. behind Progress with Lawless Spanish) will track your progress over time.

Interested? Start by creating your account, then taking the proficiency test to see how your Spanish skills rate according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. After establishing your baseline, PwLS will suggest lessons appropriate to your level, like an online, ever-present tutor.

How to log into Progress with Lawless Spanish

There are a number of different ways to access PwLS:

  • Progress w/ LS in the top navigation bar (then click "log into dashboard" at the top of this page)
  • Kwiz box at the end of most grammar lessons
  • "Test your Spanish" box at the end of other features
  • "Find your level" link in the right-hand column of every page
  • "Proficiency test" link in quizzes and tests

And of course you can bookmark

More Progress with Lawless Spanish features

 Please note that Progress with Lawless Spanish is a subscription site. You’ll need to create a free account, which allows you to take the level test to establish your level, receive your personalized study plan, and take 10 kwizzes every calendar month.

You can continue using the free account indefinitely, but you may find that 10 kwizzes a month isn’t enough, in which case you have the option to purchase a Premium upgrade. In addition to unlimited kwizzes, a Premium subscription gives you access to weekly dictados and writing challenges and the ability to create your own themed study lists.

I’m really excited to share this adaptive learning system with you, and I’m sure it will help you prioritize your studies and improve your Spanish.

Calling all teachers and tutors: Progress with Lawless Spanish has an additional, free component that can help you use PwLS with your students to assign homework and track students’ progress. Find out more about Studygroups.

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Progress with Lawless Spanish

Questions about Spanish?

 Visit the Progress with Lawless Spanish Q+A forum to get help from native Spanish speakers and fellow learners.

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