Quiz: Si Clauses

Oraciones condicionales

Test yourself on Spanish si clauses by translating the following sentences. Feel free to look back at the lesson for assistance.

1. If I were rich, I would buy a house.

2. If you’re not tired, tell me a story.

3. We would have eaten if they had been ready.

4. If she gives you the money, will you buy a car?

5. I will go to the market if you do the dishes.

6. If he’s happy, he laughs a lot.

7. If they had wanted bread, they would have told me.

8. Your brothers would cry if you lost.

9. If you have the camera, take a picture.

10. Will we sell the house if you lose your job?

11. If I’m right, I’ll win.

12. If you wanted to study, you should have told them.

13. I can’t sleep if it’s hot.

14. If you’re hungry, eat something.

15. He’ll be happy if he gets married.

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1. Si yo fuera rico, compraría una casa. (second conditional)

2. Si tú no estás cansado, me cuenta un cuento. (first conditional)

3. Nosotros hubiéramos (or habríamos) comido si ellos hubieran estado listos. (third conditional)

4. Si ella te da el dinero, ¿comprarás una coche? (first conditional)

5. Yo iré al mercado si tú friegas los platos. (first conditional)

6. Si él está contento, ríe mucho. (first conditional)

7. Si ellos hubieran querido de pan, ellos me huberian (or habrían) dicho. (third conditional)

8. Tus hermanos llorarían si tú perdieras. (second conditional)

9. Si tienes la cámara, toma una foto. (first conditional)

10. ¿Nosotros venderemos la casa si pierdes tu empleo? (first conditional)

11. Si yo tengo razón, yo ganaré. (first conditional)

12. Si hubieras querido estudiar, hubieras (or habrías) debido decirles. (third conditional)

13. Yo no puedo dormir si hace calor. (first conditional)

14. Si tienes hambre, come algo. (first conditional)

15. Él estará contento si se casa. (first conditional)