Tilde: ñ

Spanish double letter

The ~ accent, called a tilde, on the Spanish letter Ñ indicates that the word used to be spelled with two Ns but now the tilde stands in for the second one. Ñ is pronounced like the ni in onion.

It’s very important to include the tilde when writing or typing, because N and Ñ are two different letters. There are words that mean different things depending on whether the word is spelled and pronounced with N or Ñ. Also, Ñ has its own section of the dictionary which comes after the entire N section.

Por ejemplo

uña   fingernail
baño   bathroom
muñeca   wrist
pañuelo   handkerchief

 Note that native Spanish speakers often refer to acute accents as tildes as well. I prefer to use different terms since the tilde (ñ) and the acute accent (á, é, etc) are different in both appearance and function.

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Spanish tilde ñ

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