Spanish Consonant

The Spanish letter D can be pronounced in two different ways.

1. When the D is at the beginning of a word or after L or N, it is pronounced like an English D as in "dog" or "had."

Por ejemplo…

dos two
diez ten
cuándo when
dónde where
falda skirt

2. When the D follows a vowel or any consonant except L or N, it sounds like a voiced English TH as in "this" or "bathe." At the end of a word, it may be pronounced more softly or not at all.

Por ejemplo…

adiós good-bye
nublado cloudy
perdón pardon
sábado Saturday
salud health

 Note: Informally, D is often omitted when speaking.

Please note that this explanation is only a guideline for the Spanish that I know, which is Castilian Spanish. There are many regional variations in Spanish pronunciation.

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