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The Spanish acute accent (la tilde) has two main uses:

1. To indicate that the normal rules of word stress are being overridden - learn more.

2. To distinguish between otherwise identical words.

aun even, including adverb vs aún still adverb
de of, about preposition he gave from dar (subjunctive)
el the definite article él he subject pronoun
mas but conjunction más more quantity
mi my possessive adjective me pronoun
o or conjunction ó or (when used with numbers: 2 ó 3)
se oneself reflexive pronoun I know
from saber
from ser (imperative)
si if conjunction yes
te you, yourself pronoun tea noun
tu your possessive adjective you subject pronoun

In addition to the above are all interrogative words. When they are used in a question, they have an accent. When used to answer a question or make a statement, they don't. Compare the following:

¿Dónde estás?    Where are you?
Estoy donde quiero estar. I'm where I want to be.
¿Cuándo vas a hacerlo? When are you going to do it?
Cuando tenga tiempo. When I have time.
como how cómo how?
cual which cuál which?
cuando when cuándo when?
cuanto how much/many cuánto how much/many?
donde where dónde where?
que what qué what?
quien who quién who?


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