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Learning Spanish online is great, but sometimes you just need to hold a book in your hands, or listen to Spanish in your car. Here are links to reviews of my favorite Spanish language products.

The Everything Kids' Learning Spanish Book

The Everything Kids' First Spanish Puzzle and Activity Book

The Everything Spanish Verb Book
A pocket guide to Spanish verbs, written by Laura K. Lawless.

¡Ahora Hablo! Medical Edition
Doctors, nurses, dentists, pharmacists, and anyone else who deals with Spanish-speaking patients will find ¡Ahora Hablo! Medical Edition an invaluable tool.

¡Ahora Hablo! Travel Edition
The conveniently spiral-bound ¡Ahora Hablo! Travel Edition is a slightly larger than pocket-sized guide to basic and travel-related Spanish.

Las puertas retorcidas
Bilingual audio book for beginners.

Streetwise Spanish
Streetwise Spanish is an informative guide to Spanish culture and language. Each of the ten chapters deals with practical topics that an engaged visitor to any Spanish-speaking culture will find useful.

Think Spanish audio magazine
Think Spanish is an excellent learning tool for all levels of Spanish students.

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