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Books + Tapes
The Everything Kids' Learning Spanish Book

The Everything Kids' First Spanish Puzzle and Activity Book


Berlitz Spanish Language Pack

Includes storybook, picture dictionary, flashcards, and audio cassette.

Berlitz Spanish Picture Dictionary

Your kids won't be able to resist this picture dictionary with humorous cartoon situations.

Learn Spanish Together

Activities, songs, and stickers make it fun to study Spanish together with your child.

Drive-In Spanish for Kids

You and your child can learn basic Spanish vocabulary in the car.

Beth Manners' Fun Spanish for Kids

Spanish stories, songs, and vocabulary for kids 2-6.

Beth Manners' Magic Spanish for Kids

Interactive audio CD for kids aged 2-6.

JumpStart Spanish

Basic Spanish vocabulary, culture, and music for preschoolers.

Just Grandma and Me

Interactive, animated story in English, Spanish, French, and German.

KidSpeak 10-in-1
For kids who are precocious and/or extremely interested in language, here is an introduction to vocabulary and pronunciation in 10 languages, including Spanish.


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