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Spanish language Spanish Audio Materials and Resources

Audio Books
Reviews of some excellent Spanish audio books.

Audio Dictionary
The Spanish audio dictionary contains more than 700 alphabetical entries, each with a Spanish word or expression, sound file, English translation, and link to additional information.

Language Tapes and CDs
Language tape and CD programs can be an excellent addition to your language studies.

Listening Comprehension
Work on your Spanish listening comprehension with these exercises. Each includes a Spanish sound file, study guide, and short quiz. There is also a full transcript and translation of the audio, which you can use to better understand the sound file.

Spanish-learning software includes sound and sometimes even voice recognition to help you develop your accent.

Spanish Television
Work on your Spanish with online audio and video. LoMásTV is a weekly video magazine that offers interviews, music, telenovelas, and other authentic Spanish television and videos. Great for teachers, students, and independent learners!

Think Spanish audio magazine
Think Spanish is an excellent learning tool for all levels of Spanish students.

Work on your listening skills by watching Spanish videos.

Vocabulary with Sound Files
Spanish vocabulary lessons with sound files.



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