Intense Spanish Learning

Intense Spanish learningStudying for an hour a week will only get you so (not) far. Intensity in terms of getting as close to immersion as possible as well as regular practice are vital.

Dejar Expressions

Dejar - Spanish verb

The Spanish verb dejar, “to leave” or “to allow,” is found in many idiomatic expressions, including to stand up, to give up, and to leave it at that. Learn these and dozens of other Spanish expressions featuring dejar.


Present Perfect Subjunctive

SubjuntivoThe present perfect subjunctive, also known as the past subjunctive or perfect subjunctive, is used when a verb or expression requiring the subjunctive in the main clause is in the present, future, or present perfect and the dependent clause is in the past.


Spanish for Beginners

Spanish for beginnersA self-study course divided into 30 loosely themed units consisting of grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation lessons; cultural tips; and assorted quizzes along the way.



Spanish Passover vocabulary

The Jewish festival of Passover lasts for seven or eight days sometime in March or April. It begins on the 15th of Nisan, the first month in the Hebrew calendar.