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Spanish language Las puertas retorcidas
Spanish Listening Comprehension - Intermediate Level
Introduction and Sound Files

Las puertas retorcidas
is a bilingual audiobook for beginning to intermediate Spanish students. As the book proceeds, the Spanish becomes progressively more difficult. The sound file featured here is intermediate level.

Listen to the sound file in MP3 format by clicking on the link below. If you don't have the correct software, your computer should prompt you to download it in order to listen.

Chapter 44

After listening to the sound files, use this navigation box to move on to the study guide, transcript, English translation, and test.

Las puertas retorcidas - Intermediate level
Spanish Listening Comprehension Exercise

Listen   Study   Test

Transcript          Translation

Excerpts from 
Las puertas retorcidas
(read my review)
are used with the permission of Dr. Kathie Dior

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