Arabic Influence

Arabic influence in Spanish
Learn about the tremendous Moorish influence on Spanish language and culture in this video (with transcript and translation).


Spanish Is Easier Than French … Not!

Spanish vs FrenchThere is a common myth among English speakers, at least in the United States, that Spanish is much easier to learn than French. When asked for more information, perpetrators of this urban legend invariably mention how difficult French pronunciation and spelling are, in comparison to Spanish. And in this, at least, there is some truth.

Spanish Terms in English

Spanish in English
The Spanish language has contributed numerous terms to English. Spanish is a Latin language, so many of these terms come ultimately from Latin, while others are from various Native American or African languages.

Synonymous Tense/Mood Names

Synonymous Spanish verb formsBetween three tenses, six moods, and two aspects, Spanish has a lot of different verb forms. In addition, many of these have more than one name, which can get very confusing. This summary page on synonymous tense/mood names includes all the Spanish names for each verb form, the English equivalents, examples, and links to detailed lessons.