PwLS : LatAm Style!

Progress with Latin American Spanish¡Hola hola!

I am thrilled to announce that the Latin American version of Progress with Lawless Spanish is (finally) available! Nearly a year in the making, this new take on our adaptive, test-driven Spanish learning system was launched on Monday, so now you can choose whether to study Latin American Spanish or stick with the original European version.

The main – but not only – difference is that the LatAm version has no testing on vosotros conjugations, nor their corresponding possessive pronouns, possessive adjectives, and object pronouns. More info is available in the FAQ (including how to switch).

To celebrate this historic milestone, Progress with Lawless Spanish is on sale for 20% off any subscription (regardless of which regional focus you choose).

So don’t wait: log into your account and …

New to Progress with Lawless Spanish? It’s powered by artificial intelligence that can supercharge your Spanish learning at any level. You start by taking a comprehensive Spanish proficiency test and then the A.I. designs your personalized Studyplan, updating it every time you take a kwiz so that you’re always improving and moving forward. You can find out more about this unique software here.

Whether you already have a free account (limited to 10 kwizzes a month) or are new to PwLS, you can take advantage of this sale and purchase a Premium subscription.

Spanish lesson plans Psst, teachers! You can track your students’ progress in Progress with Lawless Spanish by creating a free Studygroup.

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