Managing Speaking Anxiety

Spanish speaking anxietyFear of speaking, glossophobia, is one of the most common phobias – even just in one’s native language. If you feel nervous when speaking Spanish, it’s probably due to a lack of confidence in your skills. The obvious solution is to improve your Spanish, but there are also other ways to increase your confidence and feel more comfortable speaking Spanish.

Mastering Verb Conjugations

Conjugating Spanish verbsThe mountain of Spanish verb conjugations you have to learn can be overwhelming – even just in the classroom where you have plenty of time to think about the correct response. Once you start talking to people in the real world, trying to figure out the appropriate verb conjugation can leave you speechless – literally. So what’s the solution? Learn, then practice, practice, practice!



Relearning Spanish

Relearning SpanishIs your Spanish as rusty as an old can? Did you live in Spain years ago or study the language in high school—and promptly forget everything upon leaving? The fact is that language ability fades with lack of practice. It probably won’t come rushing back all at once, but you can relearn it much more quickly than if you were starting out without that previous knowledge.